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Terms of Service

Yiwu Yuansheng after-sales service plan
After-sales service plan
1. After-sales standard measures
Our company has always been committed to providing excellent service quality to meet the needs of our customers. We have a strong technical service team and have established a complete service system to provide customers with high-quality technical support and accompanying services. Our technical support and accompanying service process is simple and fast.
Service Content:
If customers encounter product-related problems, they can contact us for consultation by phone, fax, email, etc.

2. After-sales service plan and commitment
(1) The purpose of after-sales service management is to standardize after-sales service work, meet customer needs, ensure that customers can maximize their benefits after purchasing our company's products, improve customer satisfaction and trust in the products, and improve the market for the products. share. Therefore, we have developed an after-sales service management system and work process
(2) After-sales service content
During the warranty period, for losses caused by product quality problems, we will repair or replace the same product for customers free of charge. For products outside the warranty period, we will provide paid services.

3. After-sales service guarantee measures
(1) After-sales service personnel must establish the concept of customer satisfaction as the standard for inspection and service work, do their best to serve customers, and are never allowed to contradict or quarrel with customers.
(2) During the service, our service staff will actively, enthusiastically and patiently answer various questions raised by customers. If we encounter a problem that cannot be answered, we will explain it patiently and report it to the after-sales service headquarters in time to help solve it.
(3) Service personnel should behave in a civilized manner, be polite to others, serve proactively, and establish good relationships with customers.
(4) After receiving service information, we will respond promptly.
(5) We will never allow service staff to ask for financial resources from customers or make unreasonable demands in disguise.
(6) Our service personnel will deal with product problems in a timely manner and will never allow the same problem to reoccur
(7) After the service personnel complete the work tasks, they will carefully fill in the "After-sales Service Report Form" and ask the customer to fill in the After-sales Service Satisfaction Survey Form
(8) For major quality problems, after-sales service personnel will promptly report them to the relevant departments of the company for resolution.
(9) We will establish a registration for after-sales service calls and letters, and keep records of after-sales service dispatches, as well as various reports such as expenses.